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Where should I look when my partner is returning the ball?


Once in a while I'm asked the question, "Where should I look when my partner is returning the ball?"

In other words, if I am at the non-volley zone line already, should I turn and watch my partner return the serve or should I keep your eyes directed at my opponents?

I'm sure there are different theories, but I like to turn and watch my partner hit the return for a couple of reasons.

First, it's a good habit to always watch the ball. When the point really gets going, it's vital to keep my eyes on the ball and this habit begins with watching the serve/return.

Second, when I watch my partner's return, I know where they are placing the ball on my opponents' side of the court. If my partner returns down the line, it's much easier for me to take the middle and attempt to poach, or at least make my presence known.

If I can show my opponents' that I'm willing to poach, they are more likely to try and avoid me, missing wide or hitting the ball in the net. If my partner returns cross...

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