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What to do with your non-paddle hand


Many people comment that my left hand is very active when I play pickleball. I'm right handed, so this means my non-hitting hand is always moving, even though it's not even gripping the paddle.

This is an old habit from tennis but it's actually a useful tool in pickleball as well. Many people's left hand (could be your right if you're left-handed) looks like a dead limb, just sort of hanging there but not serving any useful purpose.

Instead, your other hand should act as a counter balance, giving you greater strength and stability when you play. When you wind up for a forehand, try putting your other hand in front of you. This makes it easier to use your whole body instead of just the paddle arm when you swing.

Similarly on the backhand, keep the other hand up when preparing your shot. This will give you better balance and strength as you use your whole body instead of just one arm. And other overhead, as soon as you see the opponents hit a lob, put the other hand up in the air...

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How to hit a backhand pickleball serve - Scott Moore


Hi, Scott Moore here from The Pickleball Masterclass. Many people ask me how and why to use a backhand serve, and why I like to use it.

Not many people use the backhand serve, but there are a couple reasons I love it. 

1. I am able to get some nice side spin on the ball which can take my opponent outside the court. If there's wind blowing right to left I can really move that ball anywhere from 1 to 5 feet sometimes taking people completely off the court with a backhand serve. 

2. I think it's a very natural motion and is just good to mix it up.

Sometimes we get the yips on our forehand, so it's easier to relax and flow with your backhand than it is with your forehand.

People are often confused about the the ball toss when it comes to the backhand serve. It is a little more complex, but once you get the hang of it, it is not difficult 

I like to hold it below the paddle and just make my arm disappear backwards as I swing through it. You want to swing through with a...

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