Scott Moore

Scott has been ranked the #1 Senior male player in the world from 2014-present.

He is a 6-time Major Triple Crown Winner and 20 time USAPA National Champion (6 gold medals in 6 events in 2016 and winner of 12 straight events from 2015-2017), 12 time US Open Champion (including 8 straight events) and 12 time TOC champion (including 10 straight events).   

Scott has taken his success in pickleball, and developed a comprehensive pickleball training program that he teaches all over the Western Hemisphere.

He currently resides in Colorado with his wife, Susan. They have 4 adult children.

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Daniel Moore

Daniel is a 9-time national champion professional pickleball player.

After playing collegiate tennis at Azusa Pacific University, his father introduced him to the sport in 2013, saying “this is your only chance to become a national champion at something”.

Daniel co-founded and manages Pickleball Trips, a company taking pickleball players to world-class destinations around the world.

He introduced the sport to Japan in 2015, where there are currently around 300 players. He is an IPTPA certified instructor and teaches in locations such as the United States, Japan, China, Spain, France and Mexico.